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$BABYTAO is a project founded on 17th of February 2024, mainly driven by the AI narratives and is influenced by Bittensor($TAO) from Opentensor Foundation. $TAO is an open sourced, machine learning platform which transforms ML into tradable commodity.

$BABYTAO is a community focused token where Entertainment meets AI! One of our biggest goals is to transform BABYTAO as a marketing & advertising platform and to bring exposure to the AI narrative & TAO Ecosystem. As of 19th of February 24’ BABYTAO is still at a very early stage and currently building community growth & support. With that in mind BABYTAO is also ready to deliver some utilities that will bring attention to the Token itself and also TAO ecosystem in general.


$BABYTAO Roadmap

PHASE 1 (Q1, 24)

✅ BABYTAO Launch
🤖Community Build Up on Social Networks
🤖BABYTAO Promo Videos
🤖New Website
🤖BABYTAO YouTube Channel/Promoting TAO Ecosystem & AI with unique ideas with community support
🤖BABYTAO NFT Drop For Holders

PHASE 2 (Q2, 24)

🤖Offering to create Advertisement/Marketing Videos for clients within the TAO Ecosystem for a fee.
🤖Installing AI Apps (i.e chatbot, image generator etc) on the website
🤖LAUNCHPAD & ICOs for Holders

Roadmap will be updated as we progress.

$BABYTAO has a small unit comprising of Hardworking & Talented Devs & a creative studio. The team has been around crypto space since 2019 and has proven record of working in successful projects outside crypto world. Team is a big time believer of TAO & it’s ecosystem and willing to work for the growth of the ecosystem.